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Middle aged white guys 

Inspired by some of the East Coast’s ‘Car Parks’ overheard post surf commentary.

As part of a bigger ‘Six Word (or less) Surf Stories’ project, the arguing surf ethics print is a good starting point to get the message across.

Looking at the print, you will notice:
How the statement is small and slightly off centre.
The screen-printed nature allows imperfections in the reproduction of the message.
How it’s going to be said by white guys.
This might be because there is no real diversity in the east coast line-ups, and how it’s said by men that might be the same age as Kelly Slater but that’s about it.
I’ve played with the layout of the text, and to allow you the reader to make the link between surf ethics or how much focus surf ethics gets due to how crowed your local break is etc.
The size of the print allows you to see the space around the message and notice how small it is within the bigger (surfing) picture.
The paper has a transparentise quality to it, another nod to how surf media is losing its scenes of place within the (UK) surfing community.
It’s hard to hold.
The medium is the message and wasting time on the smaller surf ethics of you having to share a wave or not is further from why we started surfing in the first place ‘passing on the stoke’.
Maybe if we can start looking towards ‘The Big Sea’ an independent documentary exploring surfing’s links to Cancer Alley, and the number of wet suites you’ve bought over the years.
Surfers Against Sewage organisation or other ocean activists, will be able to point you in the right direction. You may have noticed it’s not 6 words either, but …