A practice-led visual research outlet.


With swell data at our finger tips, the what where when and how drives the daily search bars. 

Being lucky enough to catch the wind and waves together are what dreams are made of.

Whilst visually deconstructing the perfect conditions I've focused the elements down to the main details. Size, Swell Period, Temperature and Wind Speed manages the core information whilst leaving out the politics of the on or off shore debates.

Either in board shorts or in a thermal wet suit, big gnarly swell or playful logable lines, the question is now focusing towards the idea of 'utopia'.
Think of the super banks of 'the pass' 'snapper rock' and 'nossa', long rideable world class waves!

But, your probably not going to be surfing alone. However when surfing Chicarma (Peru) with 5 of my friends, the longest wave and the run back along the peak means that I didn't see anyone for almost 3 hours. 
Share or no to share your utopia.

Play with the idea of ft, seconds, temperature and wind mph before giving it a location. Maybe mix characteristics of your favorite or imagined waves.

If you could make a wave that delivers your 'utopia' would it lose an element of appeal or desire!