A practice-led visual research outlet.

Indaba 2016

 Armchair Hero is a practice-led visual research outlet focusing within the deconstruction of the surfing and dissemination of stoke.

Working on a series of experimental concepts I explore the signification, perception, communication-in-context and aesthetic interpretations of this human (and sometimes nonhuman) behaviour.
The balletic inhabitation of the watery landscape fascinates and stokes the creative fire, my work encompasses and manifests within print and screen, static and film based projects.

Details of current research activities: Everybody's gone surfing ' surfin U.S.A UK

With the just over 500,000 surfers, the UK surf industry contributes between £1 billion to £1.8 billion to the economy. 
Focusing on the anthropology of topics: surf culture and the idea of lifestyle, the production of recreational spaces, branding and the commodification of surfing, surf tourism, surfing and gender, localism and travel, surf knowledge, contest culture, and the soul surfer.
My areas of investigation and research activity will highlight issues and possible avenues to explore whilst showcasing creative expression (outlets) from the secret spot ‘tribes’ dotted along our coastline. 
The project will create activities, happenings and situations that are intended to give the grom’s, rubber necks, haole’s, Barney’s, JOJ’s, weekend warriors and in-landers the opportunity to contribute in this visual encapsulation. This presentation will reflect on the outcomes and effectiveness of the project so far, its relationship with the aims of my research, and on how I intend it to develop over the next year or so.